Kim Hee-Kyung’s “A House of the Mind: Maum” Wins Bolognaragazzi Award

10 March 2011
Kim Hee-Kyung’s “A House of the Mind: Maum” Wins Bolognaragazzi Award
Promoted by the Bologna Children’s Book Fair this initiative rewards the best books in terms of graphic and editorial design. In 2010, along with the traditional Fiction, Non-Fiction and New Horizons categories, there will be a section called Opera Prima, devoted to the works of new authors and illustrators with the aim of acknowledging the publishers' efforts in seeking new talent.

The BolognaRagazzi Award is one of the most prestigious recognitions in the sector because publishers submit their best productions, thus guaranteeing the exceptional quality of candidates.

The winning books enjoy broad media covered and an astonishing level of interest in the news. The presentation of the winners, who always receive a warm and enthusiastic welcome from the large audience at the Illustrator's Café, is one of the most vibrant and passionate moments within the scheduled meetings.

Non Fiction - winner
Paju, Republic of Korea
Text by Kim Hee-Kyung,
Illustrations by Iwona Chmielewska

What the jury said

This book is a short elegant poem. It resounds with the silence beloved by Italian Metaphysical painters. Abstract geometrical forms are executed with pictorial mastery. Allusive constructions trigger philosophical dialogue with the figures. 16th century trompe l’oeil allow us to peek into recesses and closed chambers. Everything in this remarkably different, unaffected book - gestures, dreams, memories and quotations – is imbued with a “vision of the world”. It is a vision as intense and rarefied as the interiors portrayed, and like them take time to contemplate and absorb. Books like this one do honour to children’s literature. They demonstrate how Bachelard’s “Right to Dream” is made up of hard work, great clarity and exhaustive research.

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