Sensible Sensuality: a Collection of Essays by Dr. Sarojini Sahoo

23 March 2011
Sensible Sensuality: a Collection of Essays by Dr. Sarojini Sahoo
Sensible Sensuality is a collection of essays by renowned Indian Feminist writer Sarojini Sahoo. Published in 2010, the book contents author’s view on feminism. Sahoo is a key figure and trendsetter of feminism in contemporary Indian literature. She has been enlisted among 25 exceptional women of India by ‘Kindle’ English magazine of Kolkata. For her, feminism is not a "gender problem" or confrontational attack on male hegemony and, as such, differs from the feminist views of Virginia Woolf or Judith Butler.

Feminism has often been misunderstood as a bunch of stereotyped hysterical man-hating fanatics who seek power and control rather than true equality. But to the author, ‘feminism’ is not just a movement for the liberation of women, but rather a broad social movement striving for the equality of each individual worldwide. Feminism should emphasise the importance of such values as cooperation, tolerance, nurturance, and the freedom for each person to achieve her or his full potential.

The author thinks feminism should not act in opposition to men as individuals. To her, feminism is against oppressive and outdated social structures which forces both men and women into positions which are false and antagonistic. Thus, everyone has an important role to play in the feminist movement. It seems ironic that feminism has been characterized as anti-male, when in fact, it seeks to liberate men from the macho stereotypic roles men often have to endure such as the need to suppress feelings, act aggressively, and be deprived of contact with children. I think we should emphasize our femininity rather to impose the so-called stereotyped feministic attitude of the second wave.

Redefining femininity with Eastern perspective, Sensible Sensuality explores why sexuality plays a major role in our understanding of Eastern feminism. As an Indian feminist, many of Dr. Sarojini Sahoo’s writings deal candidly with female sexuality, the emotional lives of women, and the intricate fabric of human relationships, depicting extensively about the interior experiences of women and how their burgeoning sexuality is seen as a threat to traditional patriarchal societies; this book is rare of its kind and has covered the topics that never be discussed so far in any Indian discourse. Her debatable concept on feminism, her denial of Simone De Beauvoir’s ‘the other theory’, make her prominent feminist personality of South Asia and for which KINDLE Magazine of India has placed her among 25 exceptional mindset women of India.

Dr. SAROJINI SAHOO is a distinguished bilingual South Asian feminist writer, and an associate editor of a feature-oriented English journal Indian AGE. She has been listed among 25 Exceptional Women of India by Kindle English magazine of Kolkata and has been conferred with the Orissa Sahitya Academy Award 1993, the Jhankar Award in 1992, the Bhubaneswar Book Fair Award and the Prajatantra Award. She is also in the advisory board of Indian Journal of Post Colonial Literature, published from the English Department of Newman College, Thodupuzah, Kerala. One essay collection, one novel and two anthologies of short stories in English have been published to her credit so far. Bengali translation of two of her novels have been published from Bangladesh and in Oriya, there are eight short stories collections and eight novels in published form to her credit. She is also a known blogger for her ideas in feminism and has gained worldwide fame. Her Blogs are SENSE & SENSUALITY, FEMININE-FRAGRANCE and INDIA.

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