Pomegranate Short Story Competition 2011 (India)

17 June 2011
Pomegranate Short Story Competition 2011 (India)
Deadline: 30 September 2011

Pomegranate is an open door that's inviting writers to walk through. The aim of this short story writing competition is to get new authors into print. It's an inspiration and an avenue for writers everywhere. We know that the best stories are those that are still untold. So keep writing, keep creating, and keep the faith. The world out there is s stage, voice your thought, it's your new chapter, Pomegranate is the first page! Best of luck in all your writing ventures!

Submission Period

Entries are accepted from June 20, 2011 to September 30, 2011 (postmark dates). Early submission is encouraged.

For Best 5 Authors

* National Level Recognition as an Author.
* Certificate and memento.
* Attractive gift hampers by sponsors.
* Mention in the press release.

There will also be 10 Most Highly Commended Awards for next best authors.

The best few entries will be published on / in the Pomegranate Write Byte Section / Pomegranate Short Story Book.

Entry Fee

There is no entry fee for participation in this competition. Contestants may submit as many entries as they like.


Sep 30, 2011. Your entry must be postmarked or submitted online by this date.

Announcement of Results

Entrants who will become nominee, with valid email addresses will receive an email notification. The announcement date with all other dates is subjected to change based on number of entries received and or because of any uncontrollable circumstances.

Tips to Participants

Your Story should be..

* Entertaining: Enjoyable & Unforgettable!
* Interesting: Should catch hold of attention of the reader!
* Crisp & Clear: Clarity in Language.
* Humour: Most Essential Ingredient.
* Strong Characters!

A pinch of following will add spice to you story..

* Never being tried before.
* Lot of interesting conversations rather than narration!
* Real life thrilling experiences could make for a very interesting read where reader is able to connect to the characters mentioned in the stories.

Activity Sequence

* 1. Pomegranate Short Story Writing Competition Starts.
* 2. Evaluation of entries received till last date of submission.
* 3. Selection of nominees.
* 4. Notification to nominees.
* 5. Nominees accept or decline terms and conditions on paper.
* 6. Final list of nominees who accepted terms and conditions on paper.
* 7. Evaluation of nominees by lead panellist.
* 8. Declaration of winners.
* 9. Distribution of awards and other benefits.
* 10. Publishing of story online as well as in print.
* 11. Inauguration of Pomegranate Short Story Book.

Terms and Conditions

* Plagiarism: Participants will responsible for any future claims by an original owner of the content submitted. Pomegranate doesn't take responsibility of any claims made in this regard.
* Vulgarity: Action to be taken in form of rejection of the story.
* Pomegranate doesn't take any responsibility incase of mentioning of any real life incident of people around, which may hurt them, in the stories selected or published thereafter.
* The judge's decision is final and binding on the entrants. No appeal / correspondence in this regard will be entertained.
* The winner agrees to an interview which may be published in any newspaper / magazine / webpage or any other media.
* Winners agree to participate in publicity events in connection with the future competitions / events.
* Pomegranate reserves right to use the winner's name and other details for the sole purpose of identifying them as author of their entry and / or as a winner of the competition.
* All disputes are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of competent courts and forums in Pune (India) only.
* Pomegranate does not take responsibility of returning unsolicited publication material.
* Copyright: You can keep the copyright of your submission. If your entry becomes nominee for a prize, you agree to give Pomegranate an exclusive license to publish your work. After the first print, from time to time, selected entries may also be published in printed collections (for example Pomegranate Books). If you are a nominee for a prize, we may ask you for permission to include your entry in one of these books. You may accept or decline this invitation as you choose. Your choice will affect your listing in prize status. Your entry will not be published in print without your consent, and you retain all other rights. You are free, for example, to publish your work in print or online elsewhere, and to enter it into other contests by rejecting your nomination for this contest.
* Established writers authors are not allowed to submit their existing published works in this competition.
* As a fair chance to encourage budding writers, established writers participating in this competition might not be considered for award at sole discretion of Pomegranate Events & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
* Selection of award winners is at sole discretion of Pomegranate Events & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. Any claim by panellists, sponsors, affiliates, participants, etc will not be entertained or considered in this regards.
* Gifts and rewards promised to winners might change during the award function. Any claim by panellists, sponsors, affiliates, participants, etc will not be entertained in this regards.
* Participants should not approach or contact any of the panellists and sponsors of this competition for any reason till end of competition and declaration of the final winners. If found so then that respective entry will not be considered for evaluation.
* Pomegranate Events & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. doesn't take any responsibility in case participants submit work/writings of other author/writer/publisher/columnists, original owner of that writing, etc. Pomegranate doesn't take responsibility of verifying the genuineness of such story. In case such story is selected, chosen for award and published thereafter by Pomegranate, receives any claims by its original owner then settlement of the same (legal and financial) will of that participant.
* If participant submit story for Pomegranate it has to be original work of that participant.

Contact Information:

For inquiries: info@thepomegranate.in

For submissions: online here

Website: http://thepomegranate.in
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