Call for Story Applications - Climate Change: A Reporting Lens from Asia (Rockefeller Foundation/ IPS)

07 March 2012
Call for Story Applications - Climate Change: A Reporting Lens from Asia (Rockefeller Foundation/ IPS)
Deadline: 20 March 2012

IPS Asia-Pacific is seeking contributions from Asian journalists for its series on ‘Climate Change: A Reporting Lens from Asia’ in the Asian development context, with deadline for story applications on 20 March 2012.

While stories on climate change hog the headlines when global summits about them are underway, the impact of climate change and ways of coping with it continues outside those high-profile events and may affect life as we know it.

How can journalists translate ‘climate change’ into interesting, accurate and multi-dimensional stories that connect policy to everyday realities in the Asian development context? What are the challenges to reporting on climate change-related issues and how can journalists develop stories from the ground up? How can they combine science reporting with reporting on development, politics and policy and economics, since reporting on climate change is no longer a single- beat issue?

Inter Press Service (IPS) Asia-Pacific, with the support of the Rockefeller Foundation is accepting applications from up to 12 mid-career (with at least five years experience in media) print/online journalists from East, South-east and South Asia for quality stories in this project where they can propose and pursue under-reported, creative stories around climate change. Their stories would be published in the journalists’ own media outlets and distributed regionally and internationally by the IPS network.

For queries and submissions, please write to:


• Application Form for the ‘Climate Change: A Reporting Lens from Asia’ project (download here)
• Story Proposal Sheet (download here)
• Clippings of three published, bylined articles


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