Fablery - Mahaveer Publishers Short Story Writing Contests (India)

05 March 2012
Fablery - Mahaveer Publishers Short Story Writing Contests (India)
Deadline: 10 March 2012, 10 April 2012

Fablery presents short story writing contests in association with Mahaveer Publishers…

If you are a story writer who is looking for an opportunity to get published then Fablery.com is the right place for you. You could get published by just participating in genre-based short story writing contests that they hold every month.


Fablery provides aspiring writers with an opportunity to get published and reach out to the bigger audience. Fablery would conduct a series of contests on different genres, throughout the year, giving writers a chance to get published or win various prizes. However, the underlying idea is not just rewarding writers but creating a platform where writers could meet, showcase their talents and help one another by providing constructive feedback and encouragement. Fablery endeavors to contribute a little to the literary world by bringing out the best out of every writer who participates at contests at Fablery.


Fablery will hold a contest every month until October 2012 and the genre of the month will be announced on 1st of every month(every month, different genre). The last date of submission will be after 30+ days, thus writers will get plenty of time to work on their submission piece.

Genre of the month February: Romance
Last date of submission: 10th March 2012

Genre of the month March: Action & Adventure
Last date of submission: 10th April 2012


There's no restriction on age or nationality, unless the participants are not legally eligible to sign a contract with Fablery i.e. if they win the contest.

  • The entry must be in English language only.
  • The entry must be not less than 5,000 words and not more than 7,500 words.
  • The entry must be in accordance to the genre of the month you are submitting it.

If you got anymore doubts about the contest then check the site for more details: http://fablery.com/faq

We suggest that you check the terms & conditions before submitting your entry here: http://fablery.com/submit-story/


There's no participation fee.


Winners' names will be announced after 15-30days of last submission date.


Editors of Fablery & Ritu Lalit (author of “A Bowlful of Butterflies”).


Mahaveer Publishers will make the winning stories into a (paperback) book.

If you still got any queries about the contests that are held Fablery then write to us at contact@fablery.com.


For inquiries: contact@fablery.com

For submissions: http://fablery.com/submit-story/

Website: http://fablery.com/
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