The International Writer's Festival in Jerusalem Opens May 13th

30 April 2012
The International Writer's Festival in Jerusalem Opens May 13th
Deadline: 13 - 18 May 2012

The Festival, to take place between the 13th and 18th of May 2012, will welcome writers from Israel and abroad, who will participate in readings, seminars, interviews and discussions regarding the many facets of literary culture, including the creative process of story writing; the relationship between writing and culture; translation and bridging cultural gaps; the writings of immigrants and publication during the age of the Internet.

International writers who have already confirmed their participation in the Third International Writers Festival include: Howard Jacobson (UK), Tracy Chevalier (UK), Gary Shteyngart (USA), Gerard Donovan (Ireland), Lorenza Mazzetti (Italy), Claudia Piñeiro (Argentina), Aimee Bender (USA), Tom Rob Smith (UK), Steve Toltz (Australia), Herman Coch (Netherlands), Jonathan Tropper (USA), Arnon Grunberg (Netherlands), László Krasznahorka (Hungary), Solveig Eggerz (Iceland) and Javier Cercas (Spain). We expect additional leading writers from around the world
to join this distinguished list in the coming months.

Israeli writers who have already confirmed participation in the festival are: David Grossman, A.B.Yehoshua, Meir Shalev, Eshkol Nevo, Sayed Kashua, Amos Oz, Eli Amir, Etgar Keret, Zeruya Shalev.

In accordance with the tradition of previous festivals we will once again invite President of Israel, Shimon Peres, to open the festival events. Emerging, young writers, translators, literary editors, literary scholars, literary critics, publishing house representatives and others will also participate in the festival.

The events will take place on the Mishkenot Sha'ananim rooftop overlooking the old city walls (450 seats), in the auditorium (200 seats), the Djanogly Hall (90 seats) as well as additional meetings in schools and cultural centres around the city. The audience will be able to sneak a glimpse into the world of writers from Israel and abroad, the writing process, translation processes and the different stages involved in the creation of a literary work. The audience will take part in social encounters with writers from different cultures, speaking different languages -- finding common ground through the world of literature. This year, the Festival we will seek to broaden the scope and hold meetings with writers in the Old City and in alternative locations such as the Austrian Hospice, Zedekiah's Cave and others. Additionally, every evening throughout the festival, we plan to hold a musical performance or literary event in the Sherover Hall of the Jerusalem Theatre, which has a capacity of about 900 seats. These events will address the general public, literary scholars, teachers, students, high school students and others. They will be offered the opportunity to get a glimpse into the world of local and foreign writers, the writing process, the art of translating and the various stages of constructing a literary work. All of the festival events will be recorded on video and will appear on Mishkenot Sha'ananim's website.

The Writers Festival makes a direct and meaningful contribution to improving the image of Jerusalem around the world, and at the same time, continuing a most significant tradition of Jerusalem as the centre of creativity, scholarship and spirituality. These complementary goals can be met with the help of friends around the world who understand that the power of the written word can have an impact on how we all view Jerusalem. Through renewing our commitment to Jerusalem as a creative capital, with Mishkenot Sha’ananim as a key player bringing leading minds and creative talent together, it is possible to bring about change for the future of Jerusalem.


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