Free Event - Changing the Conversation: an Intimate Talk on Social News with Rappler and Writer's Block Philippines

06 May 2012
Free Event - Changing the Conversation: an Intimate Talk on Social News with Rappler and Writer's Block Philippines
Date: 10 May 2012

Technology has ushered in almost limitless possibilities for various industries—especially for media, where real-time reporting has become a focal point of competition for media organizations.

Moreover, the decreasing limitations in time and space have enabled these outfits to interact with an ever-growing audience, a manner previously unseen in “traditional media”. At the forefront of global media development these days is the concept of “citizen journalism,” where ordinary citizens are included in the process of gathering and reporting the news.

In the Philippines, social news network has begun carving its own mark in the field of this new form of journalism.

“Technology now allows us to work in ways never before possible to create connected communities and to tap ’the wisdom of crowds,’ the process of harnessing a group's collective answer which, under the right conditions, have proven to be better than any single expert opinion,” says a statement Rappler Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director, veteran journalist Maria Ressa.

On May 10 (Thursday), join and Writer’s Block Philippines as they discuss media’s ever-changing landscape and its implications on citizens, journalists, and netizens alike.

Entitled “Changing the Conversation: An intimate chat with on the ever-changing landscape of journalism and the media,” this conversation will be headlined by Rappler Citizen Journalism Director Chay HofileƱa, who will discuss issues such as the looming death of print, the decreasing viewership of television and the booming number of online news readers, the relevance of journalism college degrees, and the narrowing gap between bloggers and professional journalists, among others.

This FREE EVENT has been organized by Writer’s Block Philippines, and will take place on May 10, Thursday, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at Fully Booked High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.


For inquiries: email Writer’s Block Philippines at or contact (0927) 850 8280

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