The Unknown Pen Poetry Contest (India/ worldwide)

09 June 2012
The Unknown Pen Poetry Contest (India/ worldwide)
Deadline: 31 August 2012

The Unknown Pen offers a platform for artistic people to share their creative work. TUP is a hub of artistic people, putting in an earnest effort to bring forth the creative something in everything via different forms and mediums.



1) Topic: Any
2) Genre: Any
3) Form: Any
4) Limitation: Maximum 16 Lines Only (Do not exceed 16 lines)
5) Deadline: August 31, 2012; 12:00am IST
6) Entries: Unlimited


1) Must be your original poem
2) Must be a NEW Poem (Write a new poem)
3) Do not post (submit) the-already-published/posted poem(s) anywhere, even here or on TUP Page or site or anywhere else. It should be "NEW"
4) The poems should be posted here. Do not email or FB inbox your poems!


1st Prize: Parker Pen + Certificate of Excellence
2nd Prize: Certificate of Excellence

Winners' poems will be published under their names on TUP Website.


For queries: contact Syed Amaan Ahmad at

For submissions: post your poems here

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