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Call for Short Stories - KL Noir: White (Fixi Novo | Malaysia)

05 March 2013
Call for Short Stories - KL Noir: White (Fixi Novo | Malaysia)
Deadline: 30 March 2013

KL Noir: White seeks short stories of between 2,000-5,000 words. The anthology will be published by Fixi Novo in October 2013.

Note from the editor Amir Hafizi:

KL Norir: White - what a strange name, as noir means black in French. So KL Noir: White is a collection of Noir stories set in Pahang? Not really, but it can be. This edition will be another collection of Noir stories set in KL, the 'White' suggests what defines black, how light defines shadows, and other crafty, artsy things. It is also suggestive of the harsh glare of light that punctuates the darkness in KL. So send us your stories, may they be dark and shadowy-like and tendrils of whatever. But don't forget the light, in order to cast a proper shadow.


For queries/ submissions: info@fixi.com.my

Website: http://fixi.com.my/
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