Call for submissions | The Four Quarters literary magazine | August 2013 issue | India

31 May 2013
Call for submissions | The Four Quarters literary magazine | August 2013 issue | India
Deadline: 3 June 2013

The transferability of objects, images, landscapes and memories shapes much of our lived experiences in the presents that we inhabit. Monuments and streets–early symbols of permanence, constancy, and rootedness–have now taken on dimensions of flux and mutation. They journey with us and change with our changes. Our visual and verbal stories simultaneously monumentalise and shatter them. Our art(ifice) takes them away from where-they-were to where-they-are-now. Worlds shapeshift in a virtuality of post-processing and persistent reinvention.

The reincarnated Captain Cook in Margaret Atwood’s poem dreams of ‘a land cleaned of geographies’. The ungendered protagonist–in order to effectively claim the risk of rediscovery–desires an unmapped world: a world that is not bound within the fixities of time, space, body, and self. However, one can never be sure if this is possible. To figure out the tropes of this anxiety, The Four Quarters Magazine will try to trace the questions of mapping and unmapping, location and its lack, direction vs. destruction, variable spatiality, shifting things and events, altering structures, constructs of architecture, and flâneuring selves in its forthcoming issue: Portable Monuments, Wandering Streets.

We invite submissions of prose, poetry and artwork for this issue of The Four Quarters Magazine. Book reviews and translations are also welcome. Only emailed submissions will be considered. All submissions must be sent as word documents attached to the email. If it is artwork that you are sending us, then please do take care to attach a covering word file with details about the submission. For other details regarding submissions, please take a look at our submissions page. Please donot send submissions at This email address should only be used for general query.

The deadline for submissions is 3rd June 2013. The guest editor for this issue is Nitoo Das. General editors for the magazine are Arjun Chaudhuri, Arjun Rajendran and Samyak Ghosh.




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