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Job Vacancy | Performing Arts Editor at BLOUIN ArtInfo China | competitive salary

08 June 2013
Job Vacancy | Performing Arts Editor at BLOUIN ArtInfo China | competitive salary
BLOUIN ARTINFO China seeks an experienced arts and culture journalist to fill the role of Performing Arts Editor.

Based in either Shanghai or Beijing, the Performing Arts Editor will lead the site's coverage of film, music, theater, and dance in China with a mix of news, interviews and reviews.

The successful candidate will be a native English speaker with good or fast-improving Mandarin. He or she will also have strong journalism training and/or experience that enables him/her to research well, and write fast, clearly and succinctly in a way that is both informative and interesting.

As well as writing articles, the position brings with it opportunities to develop web and image editing skills, shoot photographs and videos, and build our social media presence.

In addition to producing content for the website, the Performing Arts Editor will have opportunities to contribute to BLOUIN Media's print publications.

The job brings with it a competitive salary. To apply for the position, send your CV and examples of past articles to jobs.artinfo@gmail.com


Questions/ applications: jobs.artinfo@gmail.com

Website: http://encn.blouinartinfo.com/
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